You don’t need to know how, that’s where we come in

  • Fully consultative approach
  • We understand your business, pain points and ambitions
  • Powerful custom solutions
  • Appropriate technologies
  • Understand your infrastructure
  • Lower costs, less risk and no failures
  • Unleash your business

The Approach

At iCloudHosting, we have a fully consultative approach. We want to understand your business, its pain points and ambitions. We can then utilise that knowledge, dovetailing with our years of extensive experience of the technologies available, to provide you with a custom solution.

Our Involvement

We’re infrastructure providers but we get as involved as you want us to at a Virtual Machine and Application level. We want you to understand how your infrastructure works so we’ll explain in simple terms why we’re making the recommendations that we make. This maintains your control and allows you to decide what is best for your business.

What This Achieves

We want to release your experts to focus on what makes your business tick. We don’t think there’s any benefit for you having to reinvent the wheel, going through the years of research and development that we’ve already done and potentially making costly, damaging mistakes. We want to share our knowledge with you so that you can focus on what your company knows and does best.


We host clients around the world, including in our own 60,000 square foot Data Centre in Reading, UK. Location matters depending on what you want to achieve and we can help get to the bottom of that.

Where do I start?

Please give us a call on 01582 227927. We want to hear from you and this is the best way to start out. We can ask you a few quick questions on the way to understanding what makes your business tick, and what it really needs. We want to save you money and make your business even more successful through the appropriate use of Cloud technologies.