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Everyone at iCloudHosting is evangelical about the benefits of Cloud services but we recognise that understanding the Cloud can be difficult. This is why we work with forums, networking groups and journalists to assist in demystifying Cloud technologies and bringing the focus on your business, rather than on technology

Cloud prices are rising – iCloudHosting remains firmly grounded
04 Jul 2018

The latest 451 Research Report suggests public cloud costs are on the rise! This rise will see businesses looking to slash their outgoings in order to accommodate this increase. Oh dear – where to go now?

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The Right Cloud Protects You From Villains
10 Dec 2015

For all businesses, tech focused or otherwise, working online is now a fundamental requirement. Digital security is of the utmost importance, but it’s a complex and technically intense world.

The right Cloud solution is cheaper, easier and more adaptable when implementing good security principles. The right Cloud improves security and protects the business from attack through its design and implementation. You should be concerned about security but you don’t need to worry; Cloud can be the answer and not the problem.

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Definitions of “Cloud”
30 Oct 2015

There are many misnomers about Cloud services, no more so than whether a business requires Public or Private Cloud. What do they really mean? How can you get the best from them? As part of our continuing series of articles to demystify The Cloud, we look at the pros, cons and implications of this fundamental choice.

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Outages You Can Afford
09 Sep 2015

Prioritising uptime is as important to every day workflows as task management. However, with the best intentions, many businesses assign the resources to less important tasks, or don’t consider the impact of making changes. A great example of this is the front-end of an e-commerce company’s website which is the shop-front of that business; if it is offline then it synonymous with pulling down the shutters at 3pm on a Saturday in a high-street store.

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Is Your IT Infrastructure as Resilient as You?

Professionals, in this age of communication, are busier than ever. For one to realise this they only have to take a look around them. Everyone is hard at work, trying to keep up with the time. Particularly in the IT industries, pre-empting future problems has now become the norm, replacing the troubleshooting teams of the late 90’s.

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The Hidden Cost of Owning Your Own Hardware

Managing IT hardware assets is among a number of challenges that small and medium sized businesses face, balancing capital expenditure with a rapidly changing marketplace. The hidden cost of owning your own hardware can be significant but it is very tempting to only observe the immediate cost of purchase.

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis (TCO Analysis) is a financial method that can help estimate the overall expenses incurred over the working life cycle of hardware and can provide a clearer estimation of what’s involved but still requires consideration to more aspects than may immediately come to mind.

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Does Your IT Infrastructure Define Your Business?

Robust IT infrastructure is, undoubtedly, a necessary condition for the success of any business. However, it is not the sole requirement and despite being in possession of adequate infrastructure, businesses still fail, or become stagnant. What about the businesses that choose to make do with the inadequacies of their infrastructure? Such businesses often have to adapt their services and products to suit the limitations of their IT systems: a classic case of infrastructure defining a business, rather than the other way around.
Overdependence on existing infrastructure

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Is your IT Infrastructure Supporting Your Business?

Infrastructure, across all fronts, plays a vital role in determining the conversion rate or success rate of any business. Infrastructure can be looked at as a bottleneck parameter that impacts the eventual results. That said, it’s still a very common practice to overlook the optimization of infrastructure. Most of the businesses will either shorthand infrastructure to lose out on important market share in the long run, or they will go overboard in employing more infrastructure than necessary.

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