The cloud offers a new cost effective way to manage your infrastructure.

Put simply, Cloud Computing is the pooling of physical hardware resources and the ability to share that pool between multiple services. The physical resources can be processing power, storage space and network capacity which, when pooled together, are referred to as the “cloud”.

In order to utilise the resources in the cloud, there is a layer of intelligence that sits between the running services and the cloud infrastructure. This intelligent resource manager is called the hypervisor.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is providing Cloud Computing as a service. That is, most companies don’t want the complexity, management time and cost of building their own private cloud. Cloud Hosting is the provision of Cloud Computing resources as a hosted service, and it’s all we do.

The advantages of Cloud Hosting

Intrinsic built in redundancy

Because the resources are pooled into the cloud, as long as there is additional buffer available the services are not affected by some of the resources becoming unavailable. At iCloudHosting we design in lots of extra capacity to our clouds to ensure that the services running on them are not even slightly affected by failed hardware or unavailable network segments.

Efficient use of resources

Gone are the days where services are allocated more resources than they actually require. With legacy hosting products you are forced to speculate on the future resource requirements of your services when you define the server specification. With cloud services, define what you need today and increase that as and when you require it, with no downtime!

Easy Scalability

Don’t worry about the underlying physical hardware; iCloudHosting will manage that for you. When we need to add more storage resource to the cloud we’ll add more SANs. When we need to add more RAM to the cloud we will add more hypervisors. We can even upgrade an existing hypervisor in the middle of the working day without any impact on service.

Instant Provisioning

The cloud is virtualised. There is no requirement for human involvement to provision a new cloud server; it is completely automated. So if you need a new service live at 3am, go for it; we don’t need to be there! Login to our web portal and within a few clicks of the mouse you’ll be looking at your new cloud server.

Separation of Roles

There’s no need to have one server that does everything anymore. Dedicate a single cloud server for a single client. Dedicate it to a single task or role. iCloudHosting are experts and specialists in doing one thing and doing it well; cloud. Let your cloud server be an expert and specialist in serving one role and when you no longer need that task to be performed, delete it, safe in the knowledge that nothing is tangled in with it.

Environmentally friendly

Because you’re using less resources as a whole, you’re using less infrastucture and less power. Did you know that in most data centers an extra 50% power is used just to cool a server to within its operating limits? So, for every 1 server you no longer require that’s 150% of the power footprint that you’re saving. Feel good about that, you’re being environmentally friendly and making a good decision for your business!

Simplified Management

Managing virtualised services is so much simpler than physical ones. We include backup and firewall services free of charge, all easily configured through our web portal simply because it’s possible with cloud. It’s now easier and simpler to manage the security of your critical data and we keep at least 5 copies of it at any given time because it’s easy for us to do so.

More Cost Effective!!

Even though you’re getting a more resilient hosting service and even though you’re getting more addon services like backups and firewalls it is easier and more efficient to provide you with a cloud service than other legacy hosting services. We pass on these savings to you so you pay less for a better service!


We host clients around the world, including in our own 60,000 square foot Data Centre in Reading, UK. Location matters depending on what you want to achieve and we can help get to the bottom of that.

Where do I start?

Please give us a call on 01582 227927. We want to hear from you and this is the best way to start out. We can ask you a few quick questions on the way to understanding what makes your business tick, and what it really needs. We want to save you money and make your business even more successful through the appropriate use of Cloud technologies.