What Are Cloud Servers?

  • Highly-Available
  • High-Performance
  • Fully Managed
  • Scalable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Completely Flexible
iCloudHosting Cloud Servers Location

For Business

  • Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure and Support
  • 100% Uptime Contractually Guaranteed
  • Dedicated Account Manager Who Understands Your Business
  • Consultancy & Design Included At No Cost
  • Cost Efficient Approach to Meet Every Budget
  • Full Management Empowers Your Technical Team
  • Future-Proofed, Tailored Solutions
  • Change Control, Audit Trails, Compliance

For Technical

  • High Performance Resolves Legacy Saturation Points
  • Unique Custom Backup (Minimum Hourly) and InstantRestore™
  • International Locations with Flexible Expansion On-Demand
  • Custom Templates for Quick Deployment of Pre-Configured VMs
  • User-Driven Snapshots for Easy-Failback on Critical Changes
  • Simple, Powerful, Web-Based Single Pane of Glass for All Services
  • Extensible Scale-Out Architectures Designed For Your Needs
  • RESTful API to Control Your Infrastructure Automatically
ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 Certified
ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 Accredited Cloud Servers

What Does a Cloud Server Cost?

  • No packages so that you're forced into inconvenient models that don't suit your needs
  • Cost effective approach with advice on how to get the most for your budget
  • Lower internal costs for infrastructure and application management with our Proactive Management services
  • Pay for the resources you need today, not what you anticipate you need in the future
  • Average cost is competitive with unmanaged services available on the market
  • How Do I Know What Cloud Servers I Need?

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  • Are These Cloud Servers UK Based?

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  • Can I Migrate a UK Cloud Server Elsewhere?

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  • Where Can I Find Example Cloud Services?

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  • What Can I Do With a Cloud Server?

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  • How Do I Manage My Cloud Server?

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  • How Can Cloud Servers Help My DevOps?

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How Do I Know What Cloud Servers I Need?

Let us help. We know, live and breathe Cloud Infrastructure. At our data centre in Reading we have a significant research and development operation. The explicit intent of this team is to deploy, test and develop the hardware and software available on the market. We need to understand the intricate nuances of the technologies available so that we can make the right recommendation to your business.

We are hardware and software agnostic so the recommendations we make to our clients are not restricted to a limited subset of available technologies. Every technology goes through a 3-9 month quality assurance procedure. We do this so that you don't have to. We do this so that you can focus on how your business can continue to grow, progress and compete.

iCloudHosting has a consultative approach to your infrastructure. We want to understand your business, its needs and aspirations. From there we can utilise our knowledge and experience to recommend a deployment that is fit for purpose. We don't want you to waste time making the mistakes that we've already resolved in testing. We want you to focus on what matters. Top

Are These Cloud Servers UK Based?

Yes, but not limited solely to the UK. As the graphic at the top of this page illustrates we offer services globally. If there's a location that we're not currently present in then ask because we can deploy for you, within weeks.

Data security is a key issue and we will never transmit your data to a location that you don't expressly request. If your service is in the UK then all data will remain on our network within the UK.

We can show you where your service resides, right down to the hard drives within the storage tier of the service. We are comfortable helping you to complete audits and are happy for you to visit our data centres and see the service for yourself. Top

Can I Migrate a UK Cloud Server Elsewhere?

We build solutions that facilitate the needs of your business. It may be that the solution we build you extends between continents and indeed we have built many global solutions for clients. However, we want to ensure that the end product improves the flexibility of your team to respond effectively to the unforeseen demands of the future. Afterall, Cloud Services are not just about technical functionality and features. Top

What Can I Do With a Cloud Server?

Our Cloud Servers offer our clients many useful technical features that support their businesses every day.

  • 100% Uptime

    Our network redundancy infrastructure ensures your servers are always available

  • Complete server control

    You still maintain full control of your servers

  • Simple online interface

    A single web interface for reinstalling, rebooting and firewalling your servers

  • Free OS Licensing

    Microsoft Windows Server licensing at no additional cost

  • Scalability

    A scalable server architecture that grows with your business needs


How Do I Manage My Cloud Server?

One aspect of our Cloud Servers that we pride ourselves in is providing them in a simple, easily managed way. That's why we've developed a powerful web interface for all our services. You have full administrative access to your Cloud Server infrastructure through a single pane of glass, secured through an encrypted channel. You can enforce security levels on your team so that they have appropriate access restrictions. We believe this gives your team the power to get their job done whilst maintaining an auditable, secure, process driven environment for you to rely upon. Top

How Can Cloud Servers Help My DevOps?

Web developers have process and deployment mechanisms that allow them to efficiently change and improve the services your business relies upon. At iCloudHosting we invest time in understanding these working methods and designing an infrastructure that supports them. We regularly create infrastructures for clients that mirror the benefits and feature sets of some commodity Cloud Services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Yet these services are then supported, managed and maintained within our high performance infrastructure. You and your team can have the best of both worlds. Top