iCloudHosting’s cloud infrastructure is designed for robustness & scale.

We believe that one of the key benefits of cloud hosting is the increase in availability and redundancy that is achieved. We designed our cloud to be fully-resilient with dual paths to every SAN and hypervisor. We maintain an N+1 design on all components, and every SAN is replicated in real time to a duplicate unit.

We own and operate clouds in a number of Data Centres around the world.

What does this mean for customers?

  • Complete resilience and 100% Uptime

    Our network redundancy infrastructure ensures your servers are always available

  • Multiple copies of your data, live at any given moment

    Automatic offsite backups created as frequently as you need

  • High-level I/O on resilient storage stack

    Best in class storage media resulting in increased disk read speed for many common tasks

  • Complete network resilience

    Protection from catastophic data center failures by our distributed cloud infrastructure

Cloud Design

This is how one of our typical clouds is structured:




We host clients around the world, including in our own 60,000 square foot Data Centre in Reading, UK. Location matters depending on what you want to achieve and we can help get to the bottom of that.

Where do I start?

Please give us a call on 01582 227927. We want to hear from you and this is the best way to start out. We can ask you a few quick questions on the way to understanding what makes your business tick, and what it really needs. We want to save you money and make your business even more successful through the appropriate use of Cloud technologies.